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Welcome to Planet Posts™ with Carl and Bev!

Join us as we share our experiences in one of life’s greatest pursuits: travel. Our goal is to inspire, enlighten, educate and perhaps even amuse while living life to its fullest measure. Our capacity to insert a diversion in our everyday lives opens the doors of the world, and all it has to offer. The unknown, the unpredictable, the amazing beauty and cultures that enrich our lives will all be shared here.

Life is a trip and we ask you to join us as we take pleasure in the tastes of different cultures and embrace our “foodie” inclinations. Photographic images will be professionally captured and shared, and we hope they will inspire a new voyage for you. Our passages throughout time reveal pieces of who we are, but more notably, our travel and the related experiences undeniably shape and transform us. We hope you will experience joy and knowledge in following our journeys, and find value in the tips and ideas we share.

Carl and Bev

Carl and Bev


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