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The Aloha Spirit

Although this is the season of traditions, I’m going to break with tradition by writing the closing post for this trip. (Bev deserves the day off. Maybe she’ll take the photographs for a future post.) Reflections: So how do you describe the ineffable? If you’ve been to the Hawaiian Islands you’re certain to grasp my […]


Transition day to Maui was perfect. We finished up our Kona visit with me spending my last bit of quality time poolside while Carl worked on photos (as mentioned before, he’s not much of a lay-in-the-sun kind of guy). As I was sitting in my lounge chair reading and soaking up the sun, this young […]

Day Five: Heavenly Hana – Dasterdly Mosquitos!

We knew we wanted to take full advantage of the photo opportunities along the Hana highway and unlike many others that see the drive as the journey (i.e. getting to Hana) we wanted the entire day to be our adventure. We set out from the Marriott at 7:30 a.m., stopped for gas and Starbucks (yea!). […]