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Days Nine and Ten: Home Sweet Home; Lizards, Chickens, a Place Called Hanalei and “Conversations”…

Well, after a 4-hour nap and a very long, very hot shower this morning, I feel like I am amongst the living again. First class or not, red-eye flights are just plain brutal. One would think with as much as I travel that I would be used to all types of travel and time changes, […]

Day Eight: Happy Hippie, Zippy Day!!!!!

I loved it in Costa Rica, and I LOVED it in Kauai! We did our Zip lining tour today and it was amazing. This was Carl’s first time, but I don’t think it will be his last. We started off our day heading up to Wailua Falls. Now if this sounds familiar, there is a […]

Day Seven: Captain, my Captain…

Today is our Nepali Coast Sunset Cruise. We had a wonderful, ginormous breakfast prepared by our innkeeper Eddi (female).  We then spent some time blogging and headed out for the day. We went on up to Waimea Canyon prior to our sunset cruise (which departed at Port Allen at 2:00 p.m.). The Canyon is reminiscent […]