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Last Journey Post….Home Sweet Home

Well, I have just a couple more stories I need to share in order to wrap up “Carl and Bev’s Great Adventure.” We are home now but we had a couple of last days with, again, some stories. Our journey from Explora to Calafate took about two hours, but our flight was much later that […]

Trifecta in Calafate!

Three excursions, one day! We are determined to eek out every last drop of adventure from this trip. We have only one full day here at Los Notros, so we made sure and filled the day. Our first excursion was Glacier Trekking! It started with a boat trip on Lake Argentina around the front of […]

BB and CC

We are doing four posts tonight to catch up (too much fun and activity!) So if you just began reading our blog with this post, you may want to start with the “Buenos Aires” post for the rest of this post to make the best sense. Ok, so there have been some, shall we say, […]