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Last Journey Post….Home Sweet Home

Well, I have just a couple more stories I need to share in order to wrap up “Carl and Bev’s Great Adventure.” We are home now but we had a couple of last days with, again, some stories. Our journey from Explora to Calafate took about two hours, but our flight was much later that […]

Another wonderful day in B.A.

We did some shopping and looking on Calle Florida, a very popular and elegant street of shops where it is advised to “take a look, but buy elsewhere.” Let’s just say there were lots of colorful characters…            San Telmo – Marionettes and Tango! We went from Calle Florida to the San Telmo Street Fair and […]

Buenos Aires – A Sensory Splendor!

Just finished checking in to the Hotel Sofitel, which is a beautiful property with lovely flower arrangements throughout. Had to wait for room though, since we arrived around 12:30—setting off for lunch and trying to keep our eyes open.              Under the magnolia tree… no one but you for me! As we walked around this incredible […]