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Last Journey Post….Home Sweet Home

Well, I have just a couple more stories I need to share in order to wrap up “Carl and Bev’s Great Adventure.” We are home now but we had a couple of last days with, again, some stories. Our journey from Explora to Calafate took about two hours, but our flight was much later that […]

Grupo de Ocho!

Wow! Visiting and trekking in amazing surroundings is one thing, being able to meet some fantastic people along the way: priceless. As I mentioned in the last post, we¬†connected very well with three other couples during our Grey Glacier Trek. Part of what I didn’t¬†share is how Explora guides take such good care of us. […]

Grey Glacier – New Friends…

Torres del Paine is fantastic. We can’t get over the beauty and abundance that we get to experience. So, a little layout of Explora Lodge: it is a magnificent lodge in the Park and everything is included. All of our excursions, meals, etc. When we got to the Chilean Border on Saturday, we were taken […]