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It’s Another Tequila Sunrise… and Sunset

We decided to get up for another sunrise given the joy we were blessed with the day before. It was quite different this morning with a large layer of clouds settled on the horizon. That does not make a bad sunrise, just different. Although not what you would consider traditional “stormy” weather, it was obvious […]

Sunrise, Edith’s, and Flaming Cocktails

As the light starting streaming through the curtains of our hotel room, we were drawn to the gorgeous site of an amazing sunrise. As waves were thunderously smashing against the shore, the beautiful hues of the sun spread across the horizon. Ok, that is worth getting up early on vacation. Following this balcony view, we […]

Hotel California

We decided to get off the hotel property today, so we did a bit of research on nearby towns. There were two that sounded worthy of a road trip, and since we rented a car this visit, we thought, why not? Our first destination was Todos Santos, but to get there we had to drive […]