Our New England Sojourn Comes to an End

Giordano's - Martha's Vineyard

Giordano’s – Martha’s Vineyard

We finished up Martha's Vineyard with a great late lunch/early dinner at Giordano’s (fabulous meatballs and pizza and great prices) and then grabbed a taxi back to The Victorian. Carl worked on photos for awhile and then we decided to head out for a walk in Edgartown around 9:00 p.m. The place was really lively (it was Friday night after all), but not nearly as packed as Oak Bluffs. Carl took a few evening city shots and then we found a nice restaurant, Alchemy, for a late night after dinner drink (well, we didn’t really have dinner, but that is irrelevant). Carl did, however, succumb to the temptation of one of their lovely desserts: maple flan with fried bananas. We also had a great conversation with the bartender who is a recently returned local who had been living in San Diego.

Hy-Line Cruises

Hy-Line Cruises

We were all packed and ready to go because we had a Ferry to catch at 9:20 a.m. the next morning. The taxi to the Marina was uneventful and the morning was so beautiful and the temperature was perfect. We rode on the top deck outside (as usual) and enjoyed a very smooth and gorgeous ride back to Hyannis on Hy-Line Cruises. We quickly grabbed a taxi to take us back to the Captain Farris House where we left our rental car. So, we are now at two taxi’s, one Ferry and one rental car on our journey home.

Victorian Inn - Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard

Victorian Inn – Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

My friend John Moynihan had warned me that the traffic could be wicked brutal on a Saturday heading back to Boston. Oh, boy, I had no idea how right he would be! We got to our rental car at 10:30 a.m. and our flight wasn’t until 2:35 p.m., so I thought we would have loads of time to drive the 79 miles to the airport. It started out fine but after about 30 miles the traffic came to a complete crawl, barely moving. Now we started getting nervous. After about 30 minutes of barely moving, we decided to take the next exit and see if we could drive around whatever was up ahead. We re-routed ourselves and seemed to be gaining some distance only soon to be stuck in small town traffic (probably due to lots of folks having the same idea). We worked our way back to the Interstate hoping we had cleared enough of the backup and again, at first it appeared to be moving pretty well.

That was an illusion because, again, traffic came to a crawl. It is now well after noon and we still have 20 miles to go. There really aren’t any alternate routes, so we had to stay the course we were on. At this point, we are both a little stressed out (you know how it is when your vacation is over and you just want to be home). We did not want to miss our flight.

Unbelievably, about 10 miles out, the traffic really picked up and we were moving at the speed limit. Now to find a gas station to fill up the rental car. I called Avis and found out there is actually a gas station at Terminal E at the airport. We filled up, returned the car and jumped on the shuttle bus to the airport at 1:20 p.m. Whew! We made it! Or did we?

We get to the USAirways check-in desk to print our boarding passes but there seems to be a problem. I am directed to the counter where we are informed that there was a mechanical problem with our aircraft and they had to switch it out with another plane. It turns out to be an Airbus 320, not a 321 that we were supposed to be on, and it is a smaller plane with fewer seats and only three rows in First Class, and guess which row we were booked in? Yes, the fourth row. So, not only have we lost our first class seats, we don’t actually have seats at all on this flight due to the smaller-sized plane. The gate agent assures me they are working on it, but we have to go to the gate to get seats. Due to my Chairman status, I will be the first priority to get open seats. Well then, what do you do? Nobody’s fault, no reason to get upset, we just want to get home and it’s barely a 2-hour flight.

We get to the gate and talk to Barry. Gotta love Barry. He immediately tells us that he is working on seats for us, but not likely he can get us in the front cabin (we already figured that wasn’t going to happen). He did tell us that he can absolutely get us seated together and he has already talked to the head flight attendant and they are going to service us as if we were sitting in first class. Now, I certainly didn’t ask for this (yes, I am a bit of a princess, but come on, I wouldn’t demand that type of treatment), but that was a very nice gesture on their part and I am sure it has much to do with the Chairman status. We had to wait until the very end of the boarding process, but true to his word, Barry got us seats together, and in row 7 no less.

We were given free drinks and then the first class attendant brought back literally two of every kind of snack that she was serving in the front cabin. As mentioned, it was a short flight and then we were in Charlotte and headed to long-term parking to get our Jeep and head home.

So, two taxi’s, one ferry, one rental car, one airplane and one final car later, and we were home Saturday night.

Great trip, great adventure, and that’s a wrap.

Sailing between Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket

Sailing between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

Oak Bluffs Marina, Martha's Vineyard

Oak Bluffs Marina, Martha’s Vineyard


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    So much fun reading about your experiences and all of the wonderful pictures. Carl, just love the pictures you took, as always they are so beautiful. Love, Mom

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