Day Four – Road to Grand Tetons, Catch Up, and the Absent Minded Professor.

In Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

By Bev

As we continue our journey I have literally hours to kill in the car as we head to our next destination, The Grand Tetons National Park. It is a 9 hour drive from Bryce Canyon. This long passage is providing me with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past few days and recall some additional details that quite frankly at 11:00 p.m. at night, I just couldn’t pull together.

Our guides at Canyon X and Antelope Canyon had a couple of other even more annoying habits than those already described. They both had the unremitting routine in which they would tell us over and over, loudly, “Hey up next is King Kong” “you have to see it! Then there’s Abraham Lincoln and George Washington!” “Oh yea, Bev you have to see the Bamboon” (I’m sure he met Baboon). In other words, part of the shtick was that these rock formations inside the slot canyon had miraculously turned into figures of famous people or characters. Oh good grief.

To make matters worse, they used red pointer pens to show the outline of the supposed likeness to be sure we got it. Honestly, you could have said it was anyone or anything living or dead and let your imagination believe it. Neither Carl nor I ever saw what they saw and quite frankly, I didn’t want to either. Whatever happened to the natural beauty of the rock formations? Why do we have to make it something else? One thing we did see is the red dot of their pointer in pictures…

There is another interesting phenomenon that tends to accompany Carl and I on these road trips. I like to refer to it as “The Absent Minded Professor”, or the “have you seen my ______?” or the “Where’s my ______?”  game. It has gotten to the point where I am actually anticipating what he will ask me to find or to verify that we have it. So, how is it that someone that is clearly as organized as Carl can misplace, or believe he has misplaced so many items? “Baby, have you seen my sunglasses?” Yes, they are in my purse. “Are you sure?” Yes. I then must actually open up my purse and show him the glasses or he won’t believe me. This goes on all day and all night long.

“Where is the iPad?” It’s in my green backpack. “Are you sure? I thought I took it out.” You did, but I put it back. “Are you sure?” Once again, I must unload the backpack to show him that it is there. “Where are my nutrition bars?” They are in the cooler. “They are? Are you sure?” (this is being said as he is LOOKING in the cooler). Yes, they are there. I promise you, and I imagine Carl would readily validate, that I am NOT exaggerating one iota on this point. This absolutely happens multiple times throughout each day. I don’t get frustrated anymore because it really doesn’t do a bit of good. I will still have to locate the missing items and then I would be mad. Instead, I choose to remain calm and just find it. This trait likely has to do with the fact that Carl is always partially in Photo-Zen mode, therefore he is always thinking ahead to the next photo shoot and can’t possibly be distracted with these type of details. Furthermore, as he will also readily tell everyone, I have an “amazingly freakish memory.” It’s true.

Bryce Canyon National Park- Photo © Carl Amoth

We have quickly fallen into our “night at the Hotel” routine. Locate a luggage cart, pack it with all four suitcases, four camera bags and two backpacks. Carl pushes the cart and I roll the cooler with my computer case on top. Well, last night when we got to Bryce we fell into our routine and Carl had the cart loaded and ready to go only to discover he could not move it! He kept pushing and pushing but this baby wasn’t going to go. We took a look at all the tires and discovered we had a blowout! We have SO MUCH weight that a tire blew on the cart. We then had to load up TWO carts AND drag the cooler up to the room. You know you have been on the road too long when you can take one look at a luggage cart and know instantly whether it is a good one or not….oh boy.

Bryce Canyon National Park- Photo © Carl Amoth

As for today, Carl was up very late yet again last night and then we got up at 6:00 a.m. for morning shots at Bryce. There were quite a few clouds and it wasn’t looking too favorable, but off we went anyway. (after finding the bars, the photo hood, etc.).

We head off to sunrise point and were prepared to hike the same trail we had done two years ago as it provided great locations for morning pictures. Unfortunately I think we were both still a little bit tired and we took a wrong turn on the path and before we knew it we were two miles into the Canyon on an 8 mile path. (what goes down, must come up, ugh…) We didn’t have time nor energy for the 8 mile strenuously rated hike at 8,000 feet elevation and opted to turn around and call it a morning.

Once we worked our way out of the canyon I convinced Carl to set up a shot with both of us in it so the morning wouldn’t be a total waste. Well, we got a great couples shot and by the time we were done, the clouds had dispersed and the glorious sun was shining on the Canyon. It was magnificent. Needless to say Carl was able to begin taking pictures and ended up with some great photos.

Bryce Canyon National Park- Photo © Carl Amoth

Bryce Canyon National Park- Photo © Carl Amoth

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