Road Trippin’ – North to Idazona

By Bev
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona - Photo © Carl Amoth

Bev at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

The Great American Road Trip. There is nothing like it. I so clearly, and fondly, recall the many times my dad would come home from work on a Friday night and tell my Mom to load the carwe were heading to the beach. Even with three young girls at the time, it seemed like we were on the road in a matter of 30 minutes or so. It was exciting because we knew we were going to get to stay in a Motel (yes, Motel, not Hotel) and to us, that was thrilling.

Let’s just say the preparation for our road trip wasn’t quite the same. In all fairness however, we are heading north for two months so it isn’t just like a long weekend or week long road trip. Oh no, it is much more complicated than that. We spent all week preparing, packing, sorting, making lists checking off “to do’s”. It was all very thorough and organized (remember: husband=former CIO).
Some of our luggage...

Some of our luggage...

The cooler was loaded with sandwiches, snacks and drinks (ok and one or two bottles of Pinot Grigio). I have an entire suitcase of work clothes packed. We have jumper cables, tennis rackets, electronic fly zappers, 100 pounds of free weights, yoga mats, 20 pounds of assorted nuts, chia seeds, pinole, espresso pods, 5 pounds of coffee beans, 30 pair of shoes, 1 MacBook, 1 PC, 1 Ipad, 3 bags of Camera gear, cell booster system, portable power outlets and various HDMI cables. Unbelievable. I am determined to wear every piece of clothing I’ve packed just so it won’t seem a waste of space.

A special thanks to our friend Tony for keeping an eye on things while we are gone, although quite frankly, there is very little that we didn’t bring with us.
We got out only about 30 minutes past our targeted departure time, which was pretty amazing considering the effort involved in strategically packing the car. Our first stop was Page, AZ so we got to the trusty Marriott Courtyard (thak you reward points) and unloaded the car. Yes. We have to do that every night we stop because we can’t leave all our valuable stuff in the car over night.

Boating on Lake Powell - Photo © Carl Amoth

After unloading we headed up to Lake Powell and were thrilled to find out it is a National Park as we have an annual park pass. There were dozens of houseboats out on the lake as well as many varied water craft. We were hoping to get some pre-sunset pictures of the moon rising, but it was not to be. Carl did find a great shot of all the boats in the Marina. We then headed up to Horshoe Bend for sunset and post sunset pictures. We’ve both been here before, but thought we would try something new and see what the light looked like in the early evening. It was as if we were in “little Italy”. There were so many Italians visiting the area it definitely whetted our appetitite for our upcoming fall trip.

Marina at Lake Powell, Arizona - Photo © Carl Amoth

Marina at Lake Powell, Arizona - Photo © Carl Amoth

We have encountered several other photographers already on our trip and one of them was at Horseshoe last night. He was quite knowledgeable, oh, I mean he thought he was quite knowledgeable. I thought he was an ass quite frankly. Arrogant and opinionated and didn’t seem to really do too much with his talent other than try to comment on everyone else’s equipment and tell us how many times he’s been to the various parks. Yawn.
We finished up around 9:00 p.m. and headed out for a decent Mexican dinner and to bed for an early wake up for our 7:00 a.m. guided tour into Canyon X and Antelope canyon.

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