Cabo – Día Tres

Reading "Born to Run"

Many told me that I should relax and enjoy myself, try to forget work at least for a few days. So, far be it from me to disobey…. Day three was very relaxing without an agenda to dictate our remaining hours. More time by the pool, with yet another good book, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. This amazing true story (I’m only in 39% so far, according to my Kindle..) tells the tale of the Tarahumara Tribe and their amazing ability to run. For 100’s of miles. For days. Without tiring. With pure joy.

It would be impossible for me to read this book and not think about my Dad. That in itself is odd since we just celebrated Mother’s Day. But I found a unique comfort and an interesting contrast to the endless joy the Tarahumara have in running, as my Dad found also, and the endless joy obtainable to all of us. Is it possible to enjoy experiences more (regardless of what they are) purely by engaging them with a joyful spirit and abundant delight? For me the answer is easy and the answer is yes.

It is such a tricky concept to try and conquer because I think so very often we think we must be happy before we can engage our lives with a cheery outlook. When quite frankly it is just the opposite. Perhaps I just got too much sun, or a bit too much time on my hands as I realize this post may be getting a bit touchy-feely, hokey, pokey for some. The point is that as I look back at these few precious days of fun and relaxation, I realize I could have similar experiences in many every day opportunities. The difference with going out of the country really only provides the distance mechanism that is often key to my “letting go.” Carl asked me if I was able to unwind and forget about work. But it truly wasn’t possible. How can I really forget the material aspect of my everyday life that impacts and colors most everything I do during the majority of my waking hours?

Although that may not have been possible, I had the pure delight to spend hours “pleasure” reading. Not reading proposals or RFP’s or Hoover’s business reports or hundreds of emails—they will always be there. But finding a book that brought a piece of my dad back to life and a piece of myself back to me—that, my friends and blog followers, has indeed been bliss. I am going to hold on to that feeling as long as possible.

So, what else did I do besides get a bit metaphysical and drink copious amounts of Tequila? Well, no good vacation is really complete for me without a massage. In finding out that they were running a special on the 80 minute massage, I decided Carl needed a massage too. The facilities are very serene and peaceful and the talent of the masseuse was incredible. Carl and I both felt it was one of the best massages we have had. We could barely stumble our way off the massage table.  I followed my massage with a facial and by that point, I was nothing but a big pool of jello albeit happy jello.

We then took the shuttle up to the sister property “Sunset Beach” for dinner. The Tortilla Soup was probably the best I have ever had: smoky, chipotle, mole-tasting bowl of heaven. Amazing. The empanada along the side was fantastico and the braised short ribs were good. The only downer to the whole evening was the $20 glass of wine. We each ordered a glass of house Cabernet since we didn’t need a whole bottle (We have that back at the room ;-), however, wouldn’t you think they would tell you that for the price of two glasses of wine we COULD HAVE ORDERED AN ENTIRE BOTTLE! It wasn’t even special Cabernet, not Californian or French, it was Mexican Cabernet. Nothing wrong with Mexican liquor – see previous post about Tequila – but come on, $20 for a HOUSE glass of Mexican Wine? Good gravy… Ok, got that out of my system. For the record, I did start the evening off with a joyful heart.

Carl and I only had two cranky spats which is really quite remarkable for us given that we are both pig-headed control freaks. It’s generally over something idiotic and almost always when we are tired, hot, hungry or lost. If you put all of those together, you’ve got the makings for a doozy of a “conversation.”


After we got home from dinner, and our diamond encrusted glass of Cabernet, we were blown away when we entered our suite to find an amazing, romantic flower pedal setup in our room. The scented oil was burning, the towels arranged as two beautiful swans kissing on the bed. It was absolutely perfect and very much above and beyond the call of duty from our trusty Butler, Martin. Magnifico!

Tomorrow is our last full day, but has our biggest adventure yet….The America’s Cup Race!

Ahoy Matey!


  1. Dad
    Posted May 12, 2010 at 7:15 am | Permalink | Reply

    I think the fower petals were a perfect touch. I used to bring Amalene flowers without a special reason, other than to let her know how special she was.


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