Day Six: Travel Day, Maui to Kauai – The Packing Pledge

I Bev, do solemnly swear to pack NO MORE than 30 pounds of luggage, regardless of trip location, duration or activities! How can a professional woman who can pack for three days of business travel in a 12 inch by 8 inch roller bag pack 50+ pounds of luggage for 10 days in Hawaii? It’s those darn shoes! Well, and maybe the five dresses, and the hiking boots, and the five pair of shorts, two swimsuits, 4 suntan lotions, three pair of flip-flops….the list goes on. That list also didn’t include the Kindle, iPod, iPhone, travel books, snacks and everything else that goes in the carry-on bag. It’s ok, (well maybe not ok, but at least not penalizing) to have extra baggage when we are traveling US Airways with status, but quite another thing altogether when flying interisland flights on Hawaiian Air. Here is my tip (in addition to my pledge), pay the porter service out front to take care of your bags. They don’t weigh them and hence you don’t get charged. Tipping him $10 versus paying $25 per bag (mine was at least 50 pounds by now and Carl’s over 65) was priceless.

We had even moved a bunch of stuff to carry-on to try and keep the weight down – we actually had to go to the Big K and buy another carry-on bag to replace the smaller one I had brought. Lugging all of that heavy equipment on and off planes was miserable. Lessen learned.

The view from our lanai at The Palmwood Inn in Kauai.

The view from our lanai at The Palmwood Inn in Kauai.

We arrived in Kauai at around 4:00 p.m. and checked into our B&B, The Palmwood Inn. It is very well done, and just two rooms are rented. We headed back into town for BBQ dinner at Scotty’s on the beach, which had delicious pulled pork and great Mai Tais. Pretty quiet day all in all.

The other interesting factoid I failed to mention when we went through the car rental fiasco in Maui: Carl has a very specific, methodical process for ensuring that there are absolutely, and I do mean ABSOLUTELY no charges for car damage that we did not cause. It’s what I refer to as the car rental dance and it goes like this; I, Bev, am ready and waiting to start our Hawaiian journey, be it Maui or Kauai, and we finally get to our rental car and I am ready to go. But no, because Carl has been given the all-important triple copy form and the RED pen. He has been advised to inspect the car closely for any damage and then note it on the triplicate form. By the time he has finished his inspection, the form resembles a picture of a car with chicken-pox. But rest assured, we will NOT be liable for any damage to these rental cars. Kinda makes me feel silly for all the rentals I have done and never, ever checked out the car before I left the lot….hmmm….I should clearly be more careful.

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  1. Pamela
    Posted October 23, 2009 at 11:58 am | Permalink | Reply

    I do chicken pox drawings too AND pics. It paid off once in SanFran when, shortly after, I heard the guy squeal off in parking garage at drop off I was told of “damages!”. Between my drawngs and pics and USAA they backed off.

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