Day One: Sunsets and Seafood

Who can resist a sunset photo? Photo © Carl Amoth

Who can resist the iconic sunset photo? Photo © Carl Amoth

It is fascinating that even as very experienced travelers, we have our moments….So, we forgot our Maui and Hawaii travel books. One 65 pound suitcase, one 50 pound suitcase and THREE (3) Photography backpacks with another 60 pounds of gear, and no travel books. As it turns out, it was serendipity because neither of us were very impressed or satisfied with the books we had and as a result, we bought two fantastic books at the Oahu airport – the “blue books” are the only way to go.

The plane ride was fairly uneventful save for a couple of unusual moments. Before we even took off, an announcement was made that there is a small child with a SEVERE nut allergy, particularly peanuts.  There wouldn’t be any snacks with nuts sold and they asked all of us to refrain from any nut consumption. Wow. I spent 30 minutes the night before creating the perfect nut/snack bag combination for each of us. (Carl is more of a cashew/dried apricot man, whereas I prefer Almond/cranberries). Oh well, to save the life of a child, sacrifices must be made.

After take off, but before our service had begun, the guy in the first row actually got up from his seat and went into the galley. I’m thinking that perhaps he is throwing something away (the flight attendant was in back). But no, low and behold, he went and took two mini bottles of booze! Jeez dude, you can’t wait five minutes for your free drink? He then proceeds to SLAM it down in a shot! Let’s just say “First Class” is really not an indication of real “class”.

Lastly, just as a questionably good movie was coming to an end (read climax) the flight attendant announces that for all of those on the left side of the plane (not us) they could look out the window and see our “company aircraft” about 1,000 feet above us heading to Maui. Seriously? Ok, that was weird, but sure enough, the shades go up and people look. Then, at the exact moment the girl asks the boy about his intentions for their future together, hence wrapping up the story, our oh so helpful tour guide–I mean flight attendant–again announces that for those of us on the left side of the plane (we are still on the right), we can again see the “company aircraft”. We actually missed the conclusion to the movie because of the announcement, although in all honesty, it was clear they were riding off into the sunset together.

We couldn't resist...sleeping in the photo booth...

We couldn't resist...sleeping in the photo booth... - Photo © Carl Amoth

Connection to Maui was a breeze (other than the aforementioned 60 pounds of camera gear). Hertz was a mess, so much so that we’re cancelling our car on Kauai and renting Avis.

The drive to Ho’oilo House was beautiful and our opening shot is from a stop along the way before we lost the sunset.

We’ve added a couple of more shots of the property below – the hosts are gracious and relaxed, and now so am I.

The main room and view to the pool and ocean

The main room and view to the pool and ocean - Photo © Carl Amoth

The pool and wonderful views. THIS is why it is called paradise....

The pool and wonderful views. THIS is why it is called paradise.... - Photo © Carl Amoth

Our host recommended I’O for dinner and it was absolutely delish! We shared a most fabulous crab cake with goat cheese over a miso/maui onion aioli, papaya slaw and roasted red peppers. Divine! For dinner we shared Tropical Piccata with the local catch of the day. That too, was just superb. All in all, it was a wonderful first day and it is so incredibly easy to allow your mind to wander, your thoughts to drift with the trade winds, and your dreams to be as expansive as the ocean you see every day.

We are off to our helicopter ride and a Luau tonight……more later, our journey enthusiasts!

Mahalo and Aloha it should be - Photo © Carl Amoth it should be - Photo © Carl Amoth

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