Argentina: Today’s the Day

The Adventure begins today with one of those so sought out LONG, LONG, flights spanning multiple continents: Phoenix to Houston and then Houston to Buenos Aires. We will get to Buenos Aires Saturday morning around 11:00 a.m. Time change is +5 to AZ time. We will be in BA until Monday morning when we fly to El Calafate to begin our Patagonia portion. Buenos Aires will be filled with shopping, dining and sight seeing.

There won’t be any internet available for our first stay in Patagonia—Helsingfors—but after that, we will have access and should be able to do regular posts.

Here is our cute, short (somewhat dorky) airplane video on our way over.

Yes, we are the happily married couple! It was a long, long journey, but we made it safely and our hotel is wonderful. I will post another blog with a couple of pics from our city walkabout today. We will be heading out to dinner in about an hour, which is 9:30 BA time and considered EARLY for dinner. Most porteños don’t eat until well after 10:00 p.m.




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    Oh! You guys are just to cute!!! =)

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